Top 10 Best Veterinary Clinics and Veterinarians in Cebu

Heading to the most reputable veterinary clinic or veterinarian in your area is the smartest step to take for having your pawed buddy assessed and treated. The following are some of those in Cebu that you can count on:

1. Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc.

What’s really nice about Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc. is that it provides just about everything you need to ensure that your beloved pet is out of harm’s way, ranging from general check-ups to hospitalization. By the way, aside from its Cebu City branch (main) it also has a branch in Talisay City.

Location: 68 J. Alcantara St., Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 418-2021

2. Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital

Also known as AKVH for short, Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of animal health services. As a matter of fact, the establishment provides some services that other veterinary clinics do not have. They include surgical dentistry, ultrasonography, and even acupuncture for pets.

Location: 38 Old Aerophone Bldg., Gorordo Ave., Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 383-7512

3. Fil-Chi Animal Clinic

If you’re a pet lover and owner who’s residing in Cebu City, you have Fil-Chi Animal Clinic to count on each time your pet needs a health-related service, including general check-ups, vaccinations, maternity care, and minor surgeries. It’s also a place that you may visit whenever you are in need of pet accessories, medicines, and supplements.

Location: Doors 3 to 4, LB Bldg., J. Luna St., Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 233-2037

4. Banawa Animal Doctors Clinic

The name of this veterinary facility makes it clear where exactly in Cebu City it’s located. You may pay Banawa Animal Doctors Clinic a visit each time your dog requires a check-up in order to stay healthy or because it’s showing alarming signs such as loss of appetite and lack of energy.

Location: 294-B Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 262-9619

5. Bogo Claws and Paws Vet Clinic

Regardless of your dog or cat has a condition that requires surgery, it’s Bogo Claws and Paws Vet Clinic that you should get in touch with. What so many pet lovers and owners residing in Bogo City love about this particular health facility for pets is that it also offers general pet health services and accessories, too.

Location: 11 Marbao Bldg., Pelaez St., Bogo City, Cebu
Phone: (+63) 917-3201899

6. Gorre Animal Health Clinic

Especially if you are a proponent of the “adopt, don’t shop” movement, then you will surely be more than happy to learn that there’s Gorre Animal Health Clinic located in Cebu City. That’s because other than the fact that it’s a veterinary clinic, it’s also an animal shelter where you can adopt a homeless furry pal.

Location: 0005 R.R. Landon St., Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 253-5441

7. Mactan Veterinary Clinic

You can take your dog or cat to Mactan Veterinary Clinic each time it needs to be routinely checked up or whenever you notice that something is not right with it. The establishment is also the place to visit if you need to get your hands on pet supplements, food, and accessories necessary to make it happy and healthy.

Location: Basac LLC, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 520-6249

8. JCK Veterinary Clinic

It’s not just all kinds of pet health services such as check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, and minor surgeries that JCK Veterinary Clinic offers. You may also step foot inside this Toledo-based establishment for the grooming needs of your furry friend, as well as procuring various accessories, food, and health supplements.

Location: Lebumfacil St., Toledo, Cebu
Phone: (+63) 947-8067755

9. Doggy Verse Veterinary Clinic and Supplies

The name makes it clear that Doggy Verse Veterinary Clinic and Supplies caters to dog owners who are looking for various health services for their canine buddies. Located in Mandaue City in Cebu, it also offers all kinds of pet supplies as well as provides the grooming needs of your pawed family member.

Location: 225 S.B. Cabahug St., Ibabao, Mandaue City, Cebu
Phone: (+63) 917-7787015

10. Pets in the City Veterinary Clinic & Grooming Services

If you are looking for a medical facility for your pet that offers enough space for it as well as you and your car, then head to Pets in the City Veterinary Clinic & Grooming Services. You may also think of it as a one-stop-shop for a pet lover and owner like you because it offers various animal health services as well as accessories.

Location: Unit 7, Nasipit Commercial Plaza, Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 254-8352

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