How to Start a Home Service Massage Business

The health, wellness, and hospitality industry have been badly hit by the COVID-19 spas and other related businesses are still closed. Many personal care providers are doing home service in order to continue making money but what if you want to offer the same service but have no experience?

Massage therapy is one of the most important personal services especially during this pandemic season where people are stressed out and want to relax but can’t go on parlors and spas. According to so recent survey, one of the things people do in order to relax is having a massage but since there are no open massage clinics, getting one is difficult. This is where home service massage is getting popular.

In this article, we are going to give you an idea of how to start your own home service massage business.

1. Get Certified as Massage Therapist

First thing first, having a certificate in massage therapy is very important. Remember that you are entering your clients’ houses so you should be fully equipped. The good this is, TESDA is offering an online Massage Therapy NC II course. Having certified by TESDA not only a great credential but could also boost your self-confidence. Taking an online course is easy. You can then practice your skill with your family members. You can study how to do a Shiatsu Massage or Swedish Massage – both available online at TESDA.

2. Prepare needed things

After getting a certificate and having skills, the next thing to prepare is your needed materials and equipment. Although you are doing a home service, having some of the following at home is also important as some neighbors may prefer to be serviced at your home.

  • Massage chair and table (home)
  • Massage oils, lotions, and creams.
  • Towels and a portable towel cabinet. (towels are needed for home service)
  • Stones and a heating device.
  • Relaxation CDs, a CD player, and candles.

3. Marketing your massage therapy service

In order to get customers, you must tell people about your massage therapy services. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is very effective. You can also create a Google Business Page, or a website if you know how to or if you have an extra budget to pay. Create a Facebook Page about your services, join FB groups, and offer your service.

4. Fees

Remember that you are traveling so add your transportation cost to your bill. The good thing about home service massage is that almost 90% of customers are giving tips. Of course here in the Philippines, tipping is not part of our culture so expect some customers not to give any extra. Here in Batangas, the usual cost is P400 but most customers are giving P500 to even P800. 

5. Safety

If you are a woman, going to the house of a first-time male customer is not suggested. You can ask them to do the massage in a motel or hotel room. It is safer for a female massage therapist to do the service in the motel instead of the customer’s home. 

Do you find this information helpful? Visit TESDA website and start learning how to do the Shiatsu and Swedish massage and start making money!


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