How to Start a Piso WiFi Vending Machine Business

Piso WiFi vending machine business is one of the hottest and easy to start a business in the country today as students staying at home and needs an Internet connection. Not only that, people are saving on data loads, and having a Piso WiFi is cheaper than buying cell phone data.

Piso WiFi vending machine business can be started as low as P5,000 plus month Internet subscription of around P1,500. I am going to explain below.

What you need

  • Vending machine (usually costs between P5,000 up to P12,000 depending on the provider)
  • Internet connection subscription. A better package would be not less than P1,500 of at least 20Mbps

A place that is accessible to everyone

Most WiFi vending machines are offered as franchises so depending on what available franchise you may apply to, the costs and policy may depend on the machine provider.. The machine has a program inside that should be set up by the provider.

How does the Piso vending WiFi machine works?

The customer will insert a 1 Peso coin in the machine’s slot. His/her phone will be able to connect to the Internet then. If he/she wants a longer connection time, he/she will just continue inserting coins. Depending on the machine setting, 1 Peso can get the customer connected for 10 to 15 minutes. A single machine can cater to multiple customers at the same time.

How much money can you earn?

The amount of money you can earn daily is really dependent on how popular and accessible your place is. Competition is a big factor too. Make sure there are no similar services at least 500 meters from your home. The number of people located in your neighborhood who need an Internet connection is also another factor.

Based on a survey, the average income a vending machine can make daily in rural Barangays is around P280 while in the urban neighborhood is P470. Remember that this is a passive income so assuming your machine makes P280 per day, this is P8,400 per month. Take P1,500 for your Internet bill and P100 for electricity and you still have P6,800 of passive income which is not bad at all. You can make a profit in the second month after installation.

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