Lazada and Shopee “Mystery Box” is Scam

Yesterday, I stumbled into a Shopee product that looks enticing. I reviewed the product details and description several times and I didn’t see anything that tells it’s a mystery box. There is only a little slogan that says it so on the photos. Reading good reviews I went ahead and ordered. OI paid a total of P850.

The next day the product arrived and to my surprise, I got the following mobile phone stand. A product that costs less than P100.

Although I was expecting something decent, I did not expect to receive such a cheap product. I feel deeply insulted and started the refund/return process.

I then realized that these kinds of products must be removed from Lazada and Shopee because this is a scam.

Yes, other people receive mobile phones and other products worth a couple of thousand Pesos or more but knowing that these stores are also ripping-off other people just to make some people happy is unacceptable. Besides, there is no clear information that this is a mystery box so the post alone is already deceiving.

I’m not angry because I did not receive a mobile phone. I am angry because I received a product that’s worth less than P100 and it is very insulting.

I can buy any mobile phone I want. I just wanted to try it out and the result was beyond my imagination.

How can these stores do this? This is gambling. I understand how the “mystery box” thing works but at least they should send something that is half the price of what people are paying.

Don’t waste your money on something like this. I guess these stores are making a lot in defrauding customers. They might be sending one high-end product for every 10 to 15 customers they are ripping off. If you don’t want to be one of these 15 victims, better stay away from these mystery boxes.

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