Why Online Business is Growing in the Philippines and How to Start Your Own

A year before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, especially the Philippines, online business is already growing. The growth is more expedited during the pandemic as people have no choice but to buy online. In this article, we are going to examine why e-commerce is growing in the Philippines and how you could start your own online business.

1. Mobile Apps

The emergence of mobile apps prompted everyone to try doing online business by any means. FoodPanda, GrabFood, LalaFood, Mr. Speedy, Pick.A.Roo, Central Delivery, and many more prompted riders to deliver food from restaurants. Lazada, Shopee, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. prompted everyone to sell online. Without these apps and websites, online business and apps delivery-based businesses would not be possible.

2. Free Data and Pisonet WiFi

Globe and Smart have been providing free data for many years now but it was only recently that the free data was used extensively. People from mountains can now sell or buy online even without stable Internet connections due to free data. People can buy and sell through Facebook without using the regular Internet. Free or paid, mobile data is cheap. Additionally, Pisonet also plays an important role. You can connect to the internet for P1 and post whatever you are selling online.

3. Plantito and Plantita

Do these terms sound familiar? Plantito/plantita are just referring to people who grow indoor ornamental plants (male/female). Yes, the rise in the number of people growing these indoor plants prompted many people to sell and buy online too. Unfortunately, many people are also taking it for granted. Scammers also took notice and offered fake plants. For example, dozens of people selling caladium seeds through Lazada and Shoppee but when the buyer orders, they send Mamatigue seeds [Impatiens balsamina (Garden Balsam or Rose Balsam)]. Because Filipinos are not too experienced buying online, when they scammed, they do not complain that’s why scammers are still doing business as usual. Take note that caladium produces only seeds once a year when it grows healthy and its seeds don’t germinate.

4. Coronavirus Pandemic

People can do anything while at home especially when one loses his job. There are gardening, farming, arts and crafts, and anything that can be produced out of the backyard or garage and then sell it online.

How to start your own online business?

Do you have a product to sell? If not, do you know how to dropship? Dropshipping means you buy products from overseas then the seller wills end the product directly to your customer. A quick Google search will give you many useful results.

There are three simple ways you can sell online if you have products or services. When we say services, you can offer personal services online like writing, transcription, massage, haircut, etc. Even technical skills like auto-mechanic, welding, carpentry, etc – you can offer them all online.

For online shopping, you can do any of the following.

Sell through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

This is probably the easiest way. Social media is free and you can post anything you want unless is based on social media terms and conditions. Create a Facebook page, invite your friends, and sell your products. Do teh same with Twitter and Instagram!

Sell through Shopee

Shopee is very popular and second only to Lazada when it comes to local market share. The good thing about Shopee is, it does not require any business permit to sell online. Go to Shopee’s website and read their process on how to become a seller. A lot of people making a living and even getting rich by just dropshipping through Shopee.

Sell through Lazada

If you have a current brick-and-mortar store complete with business documents, Lazada is your best choice. Not only Lazada is the top-visited local shopping site, the reviews there are better than Shopee. The only drawback is, you can sell through Lazada if you don’t have business papers.

Want to deliver? Try to deliver services like Ninja Van, Lalamove, and other food delivery apps mentioned above. Nothing is impossible!

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