Top 20 Best Security Agencies in the Philippines

Hiring a security guard for your business or home is a crucial and important decision to make. Not only that you are putting your business in the hands of other people, but you also count them for your own safety and security.

Whether you are in Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Davao, or any part of the country, you can always hire a good agency that would protect your family and business and could give you peace of mind.

With so many unregistered and fake security agencies operating in the country, it is always important to do prior research before selecting a company for your protection.

Here is the list of some of the most reliable security and investigation agencies in the Philippines. Some of these companies also offer armored vehicle services, janitorial, and even home and business security systems.

Security Guard Erwin Macua, who works as a security guard, graduated Cum Laude at St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City with the degree on Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education. He worked in the same school for almost 20 years until he graduated in 2017.
Here is the list of the Philippines ' top 20 and most reliable security agencies.

1. Safeguard Investigation and Security Agency Inc.

Since 1967, Safeguard Investigation and Security Agency Inc. (SISAI) has been earning the trust of its clients and the respect of the industry by providing unequaled security and allied services. From homes, high-rises, banks, malls, restaurants, schools, industrial and manufacturing plants, clients have entrusted their lives and livelihood to the SAFEGUARD name for almost five decades. Tel: +63-2-9427129, +63-2-9427114, +63-2-5316990

2. Armortech

Armortech is the nation’s leading security transportation company. Armortech specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art vehicles that are ready to provide you with: Premier Armored Vehicle Manufacturing; Full Cash-in-Transit Security; Civilian Vehicle Armoring, and other security-related services. Tel: (632) 740-7772, 740-7773, 711-9877

3. Best Security Agency Inc.

Best Security Agency Inc. was organized on November 18, 1986, with a primary aim to provide highly professional services, manned by highly competent administrative and dedicated personnel in the field of security. Services include security guard services, security escorts, private investigations, and VIP escorts. Tel: 02-552-9260

4. Multimodal Security and Investigation Agency

Founded in 1998, the company’s realization was the brainchild of a young, energetic and professional entrepreneur who saw a promising future for the country’s economic situation but accepted the fact that uncertainty of every company’s security and safety situation entails hampered operations which may greatly result to unwarranted losses against company interests.

Having the lifelong dream of becoming a key participant in the country’s stride for economic progress, she acquired the needed expertise, assembled a dynamic team, and started a company to address the lingering problem that haunts every company/industry in the archipelago – poor security service. Thus, Multimodal Security and Investigation Agency, Inc. was born. Tel: +63 2) 401-6056

5. Men in Blue Security Services Inc.

Men In Blue was established in 2003 by a number of managers and officers who had retired from Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, then the largest real estate firm in the country with several subsidiaries involved in estate management, security, and maintenance. Using tenets developed in Bonifacio Global City, they established Men In Blue with much higher standards of recruitment and training, as well as work attitudes and performance monitoring of field personnel. Tel: (02) 949-6004, 949-6005 . CP No (Smart): 0920-951-8581, CP No (Globe): 0977-171-2657

6. Philippine National Guard Security Agency

Philippine National Guard Security Agency, Inc. provides security officers and services for commercial, institutional, and industrial communities and businesses. For over 50 years, we have been offering our services all throughout the Philippines. With our expertise and experience, we have become one of the most trusted security service providers in the industry. Tel No. : (02) 843-1775, (02) 838-5508, (02) 515-7943

7. Negros Veterans Security Agency Inc.

Negros Veterans Security Agency Inc. (NVSAI ) was established on February 01, 1965, with a paid-up capital of P5M. By 1979, the company was wholly owned by the family of Col. Pompeyo U. Querubin who was at the helm of NVSAI until his death in July 2016. His daughter Cecilia Querubin-Valenzuela, a Certified Security Professional who had been helping manage the company for almost three decades, now leads NVSAI. Former Police Chief of Escalante City, P/C INSP Castor L. Laluma, also a Certified Security Professional joined the agency as its General Manager in 2015.

In addition to regional and national awards received in the past as Best Security Agency, the PNP SOSIA CHIEF in a letter of commendation has included NVSAI in the “A” List of Private Security Agencies for 2016. Tel : (034) 433-1615

8. Bulldog Security Agency Inc.

In facing the challenges inherent in the security industry, Bulldog Security continues to provide services that utilize the best of breed practices gained through extensive experience. Innovative and responsive, Bulldog Security continues developing its Security Professionals through training and specialization. We are committed to effective physical guarding services. We complement our service using equipment and technology to address security needs. Tel: +632-897-4385.

9. GPS Security Agency

GPS Security Agency is duly registered and authorized to operate as a private security and protection agency in accordance with Republic Act (RA) no. 5487 as amended by the implementing rules and guidelines of Presidential Decree (PD) no. 11100 and PD 1919.

Recognized by the Philippine government, GPS is a growing security agency that will continuously strive to meet the needs of its customers for total value by offering specialized security services, complemented by a (1) unique package, (2) fair contract price, and (3) service assortment backed by our experience and expertise in providing them with quality security services that conform or exceed to industry standards. Telephone Number: (02) 986-3718, Cellphone Number : (63) 9176885689 / (63) 9953010501.

10. Eaglematrix Security Agency Inc.

Certificate of Registration No. A200208710 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It was a spin-off company of Matrix Corporate Security and General Services, Inc. a company formed in 1987. In 2007, EAGLEMATRIX became a totally separate company as a result of the buy-out of its majority shares. The change of majority ownership resulted in the transfer of the company’s corporate headquarters to its present office in the central business district of Quezon City but retaining its officers and employees and its prestigious accounts as well. Tel: (632) 912-1791, (6374) 443-7377

11. Everbest Security Agency Inc.

Our capability revealed a successful experience in providing comprehensive and efficient security management in all protective force requirements. Our hands-on experience has offered ESAC with beneficial lessons learned and best practices that will be applied to maintain and secure our Clients. Tel:+632 772-ESAC

12. Goldcross Security and Investigation Agency Inc.

GOLDCROSS, established in 1993, is an agency duly licensed by the Phil. National Police (PNP) to provide a wide range of security services that respond to the security needs and concerns of companies.

The agency’s pool of managers has been drawn from various disciplines and count among them, managers who have built up a credible reputation for their background and experience in the field of security enforcement, management, and consultancy. Phone: (+632) 896 – 3033

13. Aremos Security and Investigation Agency

Aremos is a company that offers affordable quality professional security and investigation services. Our key strength is the delivery of customized security services, adapting to the specific needs and requirements of each client through professional security planning, threat assessments, and risk mitigation.

Aremos is a Filipino-owned company, duly registered, bonded, and licensed with the Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies of the Philippine National Police (PNP-SOSIA). Located in Metro Manila, the company also caters to clients from other parts of Luzon, as well as Visayas and Mindanao. Tel: (+632)952-2670

14. Northern Star Investigation and Security Agency

Northern Star Investigation and Security Agency were incorporated in November 1982 by the present officers of the corporation, the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mrs. MA. ARDELINDA U. ROSALES together with her associates who are all experienced in the field of security services for not less than twenty (20) years.

The name was adopted from the North Star, which signifies the brightest light-giver in the Northern Hemisphere, interpreted with honor and justice to all mankind. The name also identified and responsive as a private security agency, a God-given light for darkness.

The agency grew in terms of security facilities, clientele, and manpower. The present operation covers the whole archipelago with its permanent office and headquarters at G.U.Rosales Building, 10 Bacnotan Street, New haven Village, Novaliches, Quezon City. Tel: 939-4502; 939-8013

15. NC Lanting Security Specialist Agency (NCLSSA)

NC Lanting Security Specialist Agency Inc.(MGLSSAI) stands for its operational competence, stability, and suitability to adapt to the needs of our clients, both in the government and private sectors. These are emphasized and projected by our Agency’s vision: “ONWARD THRU RELIABILITY”. Our motto: “OUR OBJECTIVE IS YOUR SECURITY” is understood and interpreted as a guarantee that all clients are assured of protection and security, with dedication and honesty that brought about prominence in this particular field. We, at NC Lanting Security Specialist Agency, do not treat our clients’ mere customers but as business partners who share a common vision and mission of attainment of goals and objectives thru quality security service. Tel: 02 522-1088 / 02 524-0037 local 12

16. Aquarius Security Agency

Aquarius Security Agency is owned and managed by its President and General Manager, Jaime “Boy” Luz. Through his leadership, Aquarius is now one of the trusted and proven security agencies that excels in the country today. Our agency provides Customized Quality Protection and Security Solutions to all clientele.

Our elite professionals possess multi-dimensional skills which include a thorough background check, advanced defensive, situational awareness, and a multitude of cultural protective skills. This combination enables our team to tackle any situation regardless of its severity. Tel: (043) 277-1200, (046) 571 3347

17. Nemesis Security Agency

With an initial capital of P1.5 million, Nemesis Security Agency was established on January 17, 1997. For several years in operation, the Security Agency has been refuted as one of the most reliable and undisputed leaders in the Security Agency industry particularly in region 9 with total current assets registered at more than P10 million. It boasts of more than 200 clients and 400 security guards and manpower personnel primarily from the areas of the different provinces of Region 9, Region 10, 11, 12, and ARMM. Telephone No. (062) 991-8217

18. Stallion Security Agency Incorporated

Stallion is the leading security service provider in the Philippines committed to promoting long-term relationships with our clients & employees through excellent customer service.

We exist because of our customers and their satisfaction brings about success in the way we run our business. We are serious in perfecting our craft thus measured by the way our customers respond to our service. We provide only the best for our partners at the most reasonable cost in the industry. We totally understand the need by providing solutions, which we ourselves experienced, and know that those are the most effective solution. Tel: (033) 338 1409

19. United Security and Watchman Agency Inc.

United Security and Watchman Agency, Inc. was established by ATTY. PACIFICO P. MIJARES as a family corporation in 1955. With a few staff and meager resources, the agency set up its first office at Rubi Street, San Andres Bukid, Manila. Eventually, the office transferred to its present location at 633 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

Initially, the clients of the agency were mostly Chinese stores and establishments in the Quiapo – Sta. Cruz area. With sheer hard work and determination, the clientele has expanded throughout Metro Manila and in some instances, to selected provinces and cities, caters to different clients such as bookstores, banks, pawnshops, schools, cinemas, factories, etc. Phone: +632-949-8761

20. Cavisa Security Agency

Cavisa Security Agency Inc. is a duly licensed Security Agency authorized to operate nationwide, with agency license number PSA-00423-2009. It was organized in 1986 by the late Gen. Eduardo Batalla as an entity named CAGAYAN VALLEY INVESTIGATION & SECURITY AGENCY (CAVISA) and initially catered to the needs of establishments in Region II. In 1990, it was registered as a corporation with the name CAVISA SECURITY AGENCY, INC., and operation was expanded nationwide. Tel: +632-867-1849

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