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Ako Ang Huhusga Full Movie (1989)

Ako Ang Huhusga is the sequel of Kapag Puno na ang Salop, where Fernando Poe Jr reprised his role as Lt. Isagani Guerrero. Eddie Garcia is also back as the corrupt Judge Ricardo Valderama. Produced by Bonanza Films and directed by Ronwaldo Reyes, this action-drama FPJ movie earned the FAMAS nominations for Best Picture and Best Director for FPJ.

In the first part of the movie, Eddie Garcia was in jail after FPJ arrested him in Part 1 for corruption and other crimes. While serving his sentence, he pretended to be a changed man and even mentions some Bible verses. And because witnesses are afraid to testify against him, he was released due to a lack of evidence. The real action now begins.

Ako Ang Huhusga Kapag Puno na ang Salop Part 2 Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Eddie Garcia, Monica Herrera, Paquito Diaz, Maila Gumila, Dencio Padilla, Philip Gamboa, Mario Escudero, and many more.

Watch Ako Ang Huhusga Kapag Puno na ang Salop Part 2 Full Movie

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