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Don Filipo Full Movie (2021)

Don Filipo is a 2021 Filipino horror thriller film written, produced, and directed by Tim Muñoz. The film is themed around the LGBT community. It was produced under Pink Elephant Productions and distributed by Solar Entertainment and Solar Pictures.

As of current, Don Filipo has bagged the Best LGBT Film award from three international festivals: the Stockholm City Film Festival (Sweden), the Luleå International Film Festival (Sweden), and the Mabig Film Festival (Germany). It won Best International Feature Film at the Uruvatti International Film Festival (India).

Don Filipo Movie Plot

An LGBT-themed horror film set in a rural town in the Philippines. A remote village is gripped with fear. Its residents are missing one by one. Now a young nurse is in town to care for an ailing Don Filipo. Will he be the next victim?

Don Filipo Movie Cast

Luis Padilla, Adrian Arias, Rap Robes, Megan Sharpe, Steven Eduard Yu, Gaye Piccio, JM Martinez, Beverly Benny, Dindeth Ditablan, Nanette Gamboa, Yuri Ladrero, Yoh Buenaventura, Naomi Christine Gamboa, Aaron Javier, Justine Suan and Potinairs Vicente.

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