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Eseng ng Tondo Full Movie (1997)

Eseng ng Tondo is a Filipino action drama film inspired by a true story, and features Fernando Poe Jr as police officer Lt. Eusebio Natividad, aka Eseng .45, a dedicated cop but has a jealous wife. This action-packed FPJ movie is produced by FPJ Productions and directed by Ronwaldo Reyes and Augusto Salvador. Both of them won the Best Director award during the Luna Awards night, by the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), while FPJ won the Best Actor award.

In this movie, FPJ faced two major criminal cases – a serial rapist-killer group that almost victimized his wife, and a big-time drug syndicate. In addition, he is also being hunted down by an assassin hired by the uncle of a drug trafficker. But despite all of this, a street-smart informer fell in love with him.

Eseng ng Tondo Cast:

Fernando Poe Jr, Ina Raymundo, Jenny Syquia, Chuck Perez, Mandy Ochoa, Zandro Zamora, Anita Linda, and many more.

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