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Iyo ang Tondo Kanya ang Cavite Full Movie (1986)

Iyo ang Tondo Kanya ang Cavite stars Fernando Poe Jr and Ramon Revilla Sr. Produced by BSH Films and directed by Pablo Santiago, this blockbuster FPJ-Ramon Revilla Sr movie features two best friends despite living far away from each other. It also features the iconic fistfight between two action giants in Filipino movies.

In this movie, FPJ plays Crisanto, a brave but kind vigilante in Tondo and poses as Robin Hood, while Ramon Revilla plays Bador, an influential man in Cavite. But despite their respect and loyalty to each other, Bador’s right-hand man cop collaborated with a huge syndicate as he tries to destroy their friendship so he can replace him.

Iyo ang Tondo Kanya ang Cavite Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Ramon Revilla Sr, Anita Linda, Paquito Diaz, Ruel Vernal, Lito Anzures, Liza Lorena, Berting Labra, Christopher Paloma, Vic Diaz, Renato del Prado, Max Alvarado, Larry Silva, Jaime Fabregas, and many more.

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