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Paraluman Full Movie (2021)

Paraluman is a 2021 Philippine drama film written, produced, and directed by Yam Laranas. It was produced under Viva Films and distributed through Vivamax. the film stars Jao Mapa and Rhen Escaño.

Paraluman Movie Plot

They say that love is like a bird that you need to let go of and set free. If it returns, it’s meant for you. And if not, wait for it as long as you can.

A thrilling but forbidden love between an alluring teenager and an older man in a rural, deeply religious town… ends in disgrace and scandal when their secret is exposed. Can love survive a shameful beginning?

Paraluman Movie Cast

Jao Mapa, Rhen Escaño

Watch Paraluman Full Movie

Full version available at Vivamax

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