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Rigodon Full Movie (2012)

Rigodon is a 2012 romance drama film directed by veteran filmmaker Erik Matti. The film is controversial due to its graphic content but may praises Yam Concepcion’s performance. This film is said to be the first major success of Yam Concepcion.

Rigodon Plot

Sarah, who just got out of a failed relationship, finds a man named Riki who is a product of a reality show and currently finding his way to the top. The two develop a relationship that benefits each other’s needs.

The two develop a very intimate relationship that alters both of their lives forever.

Rigodon Cast

Yam Concepcion, John James Uy, Max Eigenmann, Dante Ornedo, Gay Balignasay, Mailes Kanapi, Amanda Lopez, Carlo Cruz, Gio Respall, Marvel Julian, Vicente Garcia Groyon, Happy Feraren, Maxine Mamba, Marife Necesito, Ruby Cayetano, Elmer Gile, Rowena Concepcion, Marianne Magalona

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