Pacquiao vs Go 2022: Battle of Puppets

Whenever there is an Elections in the Philippines, politicians who want to run for higher positions start making noise as early as 1-year ahead but this 2022 Presidential Elections, we may witness the most unique elections if no bigger names would appear. We will be witnessing “The Battle of Puppets”.

It is no secret that the Philippine political system is a joke and the Philippine government is a haven for corrupt people but not only that, Philippine politics is also a venue for dumb but powerful people and this coming election will be no different.

Although there are names to be considered months ahead of the 2022 Elections, let’s take a look at the two possibly opposing candidates in the same but divided political party – the PDP-Laban Party.

Emanuel “Manny” Paquiao

Everyone knows who Manny Pacquiao is. For most, he is a national hero but for many, he is a dumb politician who has a limited IQ when it comes to other things outside of boxing.

Although Pacquiao is a career boxer, he is also a politician. Even though he was defeated in his first attempt in politics, he has been in politics for more than a decade now but sometimes one could still wonder why after a decade in politics, Pacquiao still sometimes spews nonsense political comments – a sign that his political IQ never improved. 

The Filipino is a close friend of some of the country’s career and controversial local politicians including Ilocos Sur’s Chavit Singson and Bacolod’s Evelio Leonardia – both have their own fair share of corruption controversies. 

Pacquiao has not been involved in any corruption scandal personally except for his personal tax issues but what Pacquiao lacks is political authority and leadership. It is very obvious that a man with a limited IQ like Pacquiao is nothing but a political puppet by bigger political sharks around him. Yes, he has money and lots of it, but money does not mean power when someone’s head is empty. 

Pacquiao has the will to help poor people but he is wrong. Rich people don’t join politics in order to help poor people. Bill Gates doesn’t need to enter politics to change certain legislation that helps the poor and needy people, a thing that would never be understood by someone shortsighted as Pacquiao. 

Even if Pacquiao won, he will be eaten by career corrupt government officials in the National Government whoever they will be. In fact, corrupt career officials of several government agencies will thank Pacquiao if he wins because they know their president knows nothing and can be easily manipulated. Imagine calling other people “animals” because they have different beliefs and do not conform to yours? There is no dumber way to say it. 

In the end, Pacquiao will be nothing but a puppet of other politicians who have no money but have lots of voices, power, and influence.

Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go

Bong Go needs no lengthy explanation why he is in the Senate now. He’s there because of President Duterte and it’s fair to say that if Duterte is not the president now and if he did not endorse Bong Go last election, the latter will not be a sitting senator now. In short, Bong Go started not only as a puppet but as a servant.

Both Pacquiao and Go became well-known not because they are politicians at first. Pacquiao became popular as a boxer and Go became popular as Duterte’s confidant and assistant. Neither of them started as a Brgy Captain, activist, or Mayor – both started their political career with heavy ammunition.

What happens when two puppets collide in Presidential Elections?

Pacquiao has his personal ambitions supported by the whisperers around him. Go has no ambition but Duterte doesn’t want to give up power so it’s fair to say that Pacquiao will have a tough battle ahead of him. On the other hand, you have Bongbong Marcos who still holds a big percentage of loyal supporters, Vice President Leni Robredo, who is silent but could certainly declare to join the messy battle, or other Senators like Gatchalian, Ping Lacson, and others.

There are no bigger names on the Presidential ticket yet but it is likely that Filipinos would witness a battle of puppets!

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