Top 10 Best Bath Soap Brands in the Philippines

Don’t let the ads and commercials fool you  – bath soap brands come and go and only the best always remains.

Here in the Philippines, there are dozens of bath soap brands, and only a handful of these are actually been proven and tested.

In the last ten years, people started to formulate some homemade soaps but only a few survived. One best example is Likas Papaya, but later, imitations are almost everywhere that it is becoming difficult to identify the original from the fake ones.

Most of the following body bath soaps have imitations so I advise buying only from reputable stores like Lazada, Amazon, and your local licensed grocery stores.

The following are ten of the best body bath soaps in the Philippines that are commonly used by the majority of Filipinos. Some of these brands are also applicable worldwide, especially in the US.

1. Safeguard

Safeguard is undeniably the most popular body soap brand in the Philippines and is used by more than 60% of the local consumers. Safeguard antibacterial soap brand is marketed by Procter & Gamble and introduced in 1965. Safeguard is available in all stores nationwide.

2. Palmolive

Palmolive started as shampoo but after the company released this body soap, it became so popular especially for women. A combination of Palmolive body soap, shampoo, and conditioner is always the best choice for Filipino women.

3. Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy is popular body soap in both the Philippines and the US. Lifebuoy’s unique formulations and antibacterial ingredients in all its products make it superior to all other ordinary soaps, giving 100% better germ protection. Good health, protection from most skin germs, and control of body odor make up the core objectives of the brand.

4. Dove

Dove is one of the most popular antibacterial body soap brands in the world and is recommended by dermatologists. This bath bar works into a rich, creamy lather to help the skin on your face, hands, and body retain its natural moisture.

5. Olay

Olay has been tested and proven to be one of the most sought-after products not only in bath soaps but also in general skincare. Regular soap can leave your skin dry. Olay fresh outlast beauty bar is different. Olay fresh outlast beauty bar gives you Olay deep moisturizers with the cooling scent of strawberry and mint, for a beautifully fresh clean that outlasts your day.

6. Ivory

Ivory bar soap provides a simple, effective clean for the entire family without breaking the bank! it is free of dyes and heavy perfumes and is 99.44% Pure. Proudly made in the USA, ivory is recommended by four out of five moms and has been a proven and trusted brand for more than 130 years.

7. Irish Spring

Irish Spring is one of the original bar soap brands produced in the USA. The one that started it all! Get that crisp, classic scent you love with Irish Spring Original bar soap. Irish Spring Original bar soap delivers the original gentle and caring formula you love, with a fresh and clean scent to leave you refreshed. Irish Spring Original bar soap provides 12-hour deodorant protection, so you can feel fresh throughout the day.

8. Dial

Dial antibacterial deodorant soap is another popular brand in the US and in the early ’90s in the Philippines. You can buy Dial online through Lazada if you are in the Philippines.

9. Bioderm

Bioderm is a popular local brand manufactured by International Pharmaceuticals Inc. The soap is popular among people with sensitive skin in the rural Philippines.

10. Green Cross

Last but not least is the Green Cross antibacterial soap produced by the manufacturer of the famed Green Cross Alcohol.  Like Bioderm, Green Cross is also manufactured for people with sensitive skin.

Some brands are still popular in the Philippines but worth considering buying if none of the top brands is suitable for your needs.

  • Camay – seemingly rare now but this soap has a cult following.
  • Likas Papaya – a local brand popular with young women.
  • Heno de Pravia – rare but popular to middle class to rich people including celebrities.
  • Silka – very popular new local brand soap.
  • Tender Care – top choice for toddlers and young children.
  • Johnson&Johnson – Same with Tender Care
  • Human Nature – Very popular among Lazada customers.

Is your favorite brand of soap not included on the above list. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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