Lists of the Biggest Mining Companies in the Philippines

Since President Rodrigo Duterte took office in June 2016, the Philippine mining industry has been a hot topic and the country is having a hard time maintaining a high number of mining companies due to its stricter environmental policy.

The following is the list of the biggest mining companies in the Philippines operating as of 2020 before the Covid-19 stikes.

Open-pit mining was banned by President Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. This list is alphabetical in order.

1. Apex Mining Co. Incorporated

Apex Mining Co., Inc. (AMCI) is a proudly Philippine-owned company, run by Filipinos, with origins in the Maco Gold Mine in Compostela Valley, Province of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines. Maco Gold Mine was formerly known as Masara, situated in the municipalities of Maco and Mabini.

2. Asiaticus Management Corp

Asiaticus Management Corp. provides management, investment, and technical advice for mining entities and companies with mineral claims. It facilitates partnership/joint-ventures between local and foreign mining entities and companies. The company also markets mineral ores, such as gold, manganese, iron, copper, and other minerals.

3. Atlas Consolidated Mining & Dev. Corp.

Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation ”Atlas Mining” is a diversified natural resource-based company with significant holdings of mineral resources in the Philippines. Once the country’s and Asia’s largest copper producer, Atlas Mining is again poised to be one of the preeminent mining companies in the Philippines.

4. Benguet Corporation

Benguet Corporation is the first and oldest mining company in the Philippines. It carries an impressive portfolio of expanding gold and nickel mining operations across the country, implementing global best practices and cutting-edge technology.

Mining cart commonly used in horizontal tunnel mining

5. Berong Nickel Corporation

Berong Nickel Corporation is engaged in the exploration, development, and mining of mineral properties in the Philippines. The company’s project includes the Berong nickel mining project, located in Barangay Berong, in the province of Palawan

6. Bohol Limestone Corporation

Bohol Limestone Corp. is a company engaged in Mining, Quarrying, and Oil located in (Minesite) West Canayaon, Garcia, Hernandez, Bohol, Bohol, Region 7.

7. CTP Construction and Mining Corporation

C.T.P. Construction and Mining Corporation is a 100% Filipino owned mining company located in Barangay Adlay, Municipality of Carrascal, Province of Surigao del Sur, in the Philippines.

8. Filminera Resources Corporation

Filminera Resources Corp. engages in the mining and quarrying of gold, silver, copper, nickel, and chromite. The company was formerly known as Base Metals Minerals Resources Corporation. Filminera Resources Corp. is based in Makati, Philippines. Filminera Resources Corp. operates as a subsidiary of Open Pit Holdings Ltd.

9. Greenstone Resources

Greenstone Resources LP (“Greenstone”) is a private equity fund specializing in the mining and metals sector. The cyclical nature of the sector, in particular, the appetite of public markets to invest are unhelpful for junior miners seeking to make long-term decisions around their projects.

10. Hinatuan Mining Corporation

The Hinatuan mine site, also known as the “Tagana-an Nickel Project”, is located in Barangay Talavera, Hinatuan Island, municipality of Tagana-an, province of Surigao del Norte. Its area of operations is within the Surigao Mineral Reservation. HMC exports saprolite and limonite ore.

11. Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company

Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company (LC) was incorporated in 1936 and operated an enargite copper mine in Mankayan, Benguet until 1997, after which, LC shifted to gold bullion production through its Victoria Project. The Company continues to produce gold from its Victoria operations, which is located in Mankayan, Benguet. LC sells its production in Hong Kong, Canada, Peru, and China, among others. The company has Environmental Compliance Certificates for its tailings storage Facility 5A and for its mineral extraction and processing operations.

12. Marcventures Mining and Development Corp.

Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation offers mining, smelting, and extracting of mineral ores which includes nickel, chromites, copper, gold, and manganese. The company was formerly known as Ventura Timber Corporation.

13. Manila Mining Corporation

Manila Mining Corporation (MMC) was founded in 1949. It operates and controls almost 2,000 has. of prime mineral lands in Surigao Del Norte, Southern Philippines, and has applications for another 4,850 has. around its mines.

14. Oceana Gold Phils. Inc.

OceanaGold Corporation is a mid-tier, low-cost, multinational gold producer with assets located in the Philippines, New Zealand, and the United States.

The Company’s assets encompass its flagship operation, the Didipio Gold-Copper Mine located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. On the north island of New Zealand, the Company operates the high-grade Waihi Gold Mine. On the south island of New Zealand, OceanaGold operates the largest gold mine in the country at the Macraes Goldfield, which is made up of a series of open-pit mines and the Frasers underground mine.

15. Philex Mining Corporation

Philex Mining Corporation (PX) was incorporated on July 19, 1955, to primarily engage in mining activities. The Company and its subsidiaries are organized into two main business groupings: the mining business under the PX, Philex Gold Philippines, Inc. (PGPI) and Silangan Mindanao Mining Co., Inc. (SMMCI); and the energy and hydrocarbon business under the PXP Energy Corporation but not until July 15, 2016, when PXP and its subsidiaries ceased to be subsidiaries of PX as a result of loss on control through property dividend declaration. Thus, as of December 31, 2016, the Company’s mining business remains as its only business segment.

16. Philippine Associated Smelting & Refining Corp.

Philippine Associated Smelting And Refining Corporation own and operate copper smelter and refinery in the Philippines. It provides electrolytic copper cathodes, refined copper anodes, doré metals, granulated slag, iron concentrates, selenium powders, and sulfuric acid.

17. Philsaga Mining Corporation

Philsaga’s assets are located in Central Eastern Mindanao in the Republic of the Philippines and are accessed by the national highway via an approximate 3.0-hour drive north of Davao City. Project areas and the Co-O mill site and mine are located on the eastern side of the highway and are accessible through a network of all-weather gravel roads. The project comprises 596 km2 of tenements which cover approximately 70km of strike length.

18. Taganito Mining Corporation

The Taganito mine site is located in barangays Hayanggabon, Urbiztondo, Taganito and Cagdianao, municipality of Claver, province of Surigao del Norte. Its area of operations is within the Surigao Mineral Reservation. TMC exports saprolite and limonite ore and provides limonite ore and non-mining services to the adjacent Taganito HPAL plant of THPAL.

19. Teresa Marble Corp.

For more than 37 years now, Teresa Marble Corporation has worked to transform one of nature’s most durable and beautiful materials into products of unique application, customized to suit every architectural concept. TMC produces a diverse line of exquisitely crafted, world-class architectural components and products for clients both in the Philippines and abroad.

TMC is the acknowledged pioneer of modern Philippine quarrying and leader in the Philippine Marble Industry.

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