Top 10 Biggest Solar Power Plants in the Philippines as of 2021

The Philippines is one of the most diverse countries in terms of energy sources. Although lack of oil sources, the country can rely on its renewable energy sources like hydrothermal, geothermal, wind, and solar.

The country is also one among many that do not have an operational nuclear power plant. The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) built under the administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. has never put into operation due to many factors, especially politics.

In the last ten years, the country’s solar energy is becoming one of the biggest contributors of renewable energy.

Let’s take a look at the Philippines’ ten biggest solar/photovoltaic plants that are operational as of 2017.

1. Cadiz Solar Power Plant (132.5MW)

The Cadiz Solar Power Plant is a 132.5 MW solar power plant in Cadiz, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Upon its completion, the facility located in 176 hectares (430 acres) of land in Hacienda Paz, Barangay Tinampaan, and is the largest solar power facility in Southeast Asia upon its commissioning.

Construction of the plant began in July 2015 with 2,500 Negrenses employed during the facility’s construction. 500 were employed for the plant’s operations.

Cadiz Solar Power Plant – South East Asia’s biggest as of 2018

The Cadiz plant was developed by Helios Solar Energy Corp., a joint venture between Thailand-based Soleq Solar Co. and Gregorio Araneta Inc., and was commissioned by Singapore-based Equis Funds Group. The construction cost of the plant amounts to ₱10 billion.

2. Solar Philippines – Calatagan Solar Farm (65MW)

Commissioned in March 2016 and located in Calatagan, Batangas Solar Philippines claims a new frontier with the launch of the largest solar farm in Luzon. The solar plant comprises over 200,000 panels on a 160-hectare property. It is now supplying enough to power the entire Western Batangas. Calatagan Solar farm has an output capacity of 65 MW.

3. Citicore Power Inc. Toledo Plant (60MW)

First Toledo Solar Energy Corporation owns a 60-MW solar power plant located in Toledo City, Cebu. It is Citicore Power’s largest renewable energy facility to date. The plant’s capacity contributes additional electricity for businesses and households in the booming Visayas area.

4. islaSol II (48MW)

islaSol II formerly known as SaCaSol III is a 48-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power station), located in Negros Occidental, Philippines. The plant started operation in March 2016.

islaSol II follows SaCaSol I, the country’s largest solar farm currently being expanded from 22 MW to 45 MW, and islaSol I, also being under construction with a planned final capacity of 32 megawatts.

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5. SaCaSol I (45MW)

SaCaSol I is a 45-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power plant, owned by San Carlos Solar Energy Inc. (SaCaSol), and located in San Carlos, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

At the time of grid connection, it is the largest solar plant in the Philippines and the country’s first utility-scale, privately financed solar power plant.

At the Asian Power Award 2014, SaCaSol I was designated as the Solar Power Project of the Year, silver level.

6. Philippine Solar Farm Leyte Inc. (30MW)

Philippine Solar Farm Leyte Inc has a capacity of 30 MW and started operation in March 2015. It is located at Brgy. Dolores, Ormoc City, Leyte, and partly owned by Equis Energy.

7. Enfinity S.A (28.6)

Enfinity S.A is a 28.6 MW solar plant located in Digos Davao del Sur. Started its operation last year (2016), it is currently the largest solar power farm servicing the Davao del Sur province.

8. Citicore Power Inc. Silay Plant (25MW)

Citocore Power Inc located in Hda. Maquina, Brgy. Eustaquio Lopez, in Silay City Negros Occidental, is just one of a number of big solar plants operating on the island of Negros, particularly inside the Negros Occidental province. The plant is capable of producing 25 MW of raw electricity. It started operation 0n 2016.

9. Sindicatum Renewable Energy (22.3MW)

Sindicatum Renewable Energy started its operation in 2016.

Located two hours north of Manila, the 22.326 MWp solar plant within the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Luzon, began site preparation and construction in September 2015. This plant is located within the former Clark Air Base, redeveloped by Clark Development Company (CDC) to become one of the Philippines’ leading economic zones.

10. MIRAE Asia Energy Corp. (20MW)

The solar farm is located in Ilocos Norte province’s municipality of Currimao. It is expected to be able to generate some 33 GWh of electricity each year, enough to power around 29,328 local households and offset 16,566 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, according to the report.

A 100-300MW solar plant owned by ECOGLOBAL INC. is currently under construction in Zamboanga Ecozone and will be the biggest solar power plant in Asia once completed.

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