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Top 10 Hog and Pork Producing Provinces in the Philippines

While Filipinos love to eat pork, the Philippines is sitting on number eight on the lists of top pork-producing countries as of 2019 with more than 1.5 million metric tons of production.

Although big commercial farms dominate hog production in the country, thousands of people grow hogs in their backyard as an additional income.

The following is the list of the top 10 hog-producing provinces in the country, and some hog and pork dealers by province.

1. Bulacan

Bulacan is number one in producing quality pork. The biggest hog farms and piggeries in the country are found in Bulacan, and hog production is one of the province’s top-earning industries.

Some hog and meat suppliers and dealers in Bulacan includes 3 Angels Farm (San Miguel), Abel’s Ark farm (San Ildefonso), Alpha farms Corp (Baliwag), Amigo Agro-Industrial (Santa Maria),   Mangco Farms Inc (San Jose Del Monte), Archer Farms Inc (Guiginto), BP Clemente Farms (San Rafael), Basic Swinery Company (Sta. Maria), Blue Lage Hogs Farm (Pandi), and Bonvie Farm Inc among others.

2. Batangas

The towns of San Jose, Rosario, and Padre Garcia in Batangas are home to hundreds of poultry and piggery farms. One of the biggest integrated hog farms in the Philippines is also located in the town of Malvar.

Batangas, although highly industrialized provinces, is also highly agricultural and home to the biggest vegetable and livestock businessmen in the country.

If you are looking for a hog and pork supplier in Batangas, you can try to contact these dealers/organizations: Agrifortuna Farm Inc (Rosario), Arcaina Piggery farm (Ibaan), C. Ozaeta Piggery Farm (San Jose), DPJ Agro-Industrial Corp (Lipa City), EV Ayo Piggery farm (Lipa City, Rosario), Eleosida Piggery farm (Rosario). Elro’s Piggery farm (Rosario), Essentiale farms Corp (Rosario, Padre Garcia), Jarbee farms (lipa City), and Jasfel Piggery Farm (Ibaan) among others.

Backyard piggery farm in Batangas

3. Negros Occidental

With more than 2.5 million inhabitants, Negrenses are among the country’s pork lovers. The abundance of molasses due to sugar production makes the province an ideal place to raise hogs.

Here are some hog farms that you may contact in case you need hog or pork meat suppliers in Bacolod City and other parts of Negros Occidental. Central Farms Inc (Isabela), Faith Farms (Murcia), Traders Piggery Farm (Bacolod), Jamarli Inc (Bacolod), SB Foods (Bacolod), and V4 Swine & Poultry farm (Bacolod).

4. Iloilo

Iloilo is 4th on the list of top hog growers in the Philippines. The abundance of ipa (rice hull) on the island makes it an ideal place to start and operate a piggery farm. You may contact the following hog farms in Iloilo if you need any related products: C&C farm (Barotac Viejo), Charlie’s Farm Corporation (Oton), Cheryl Y. Pamposa (San Enrique), Elena Swine Farm (Cabatuan), Food Wealth Agro-Vet (Jaro), Hermont Sugar Plantation & farm (Dingle), Hilario Gorriceta Farm (Sta. Barbara),  and Hogs Unlimited (Sta Barbara) among others.

5. Bukidnon

Hog raising in Bukidnon has been one of the biggest contributors to the province’s economy. Many organic farms are also found in Bukidnon as the province is rich in indigenous foods.

Here are some hog raiser and growers you may contact if you need some meat or piglets: FJC farm Inc. (Baungon), HV farm (Manolo Fortich), Hypig Genetic Inc (Lantapan), Leidebril Livestock farm (Valencia City), Libona Breeder Farm Inc (Libona), E. Montesclaros Enterprises Inc. (Lantapan), Mega Integrated Agro Livestock farm (Libona), Philippines Pork Corp (Libona), Diel Joy Hog Farm (Malaybalay City), and FJC farm Inc (Baungon) among others.

6. Cebu

Cebu is also one of the biggest hog-producing provinces and home to a number of big meat processing plants. Although Cebu is highly industrialized, its rural areas are still growing pigs and producing pork.

The following are some hog farms and suppliers in Cebu: Cebu Villadolid Integrated Farm Corporation (Carcar City), Danao Denmark farm (Danao City), Danielle’s Hog farm (Toledo City), Dumanjug Agri Livestock Corporation (Dumanjug), First Consolidated Cooperative Along Tañon Seaboards (Tuburan), and Fresh Valley farm (Danao City) among others.

7. South Cotabato

South Cotabato is not only home to many piggeries, but other livestock like goats, cows, chickens, and even freshwater fish. Cotabato is also one of the biggest producers of Japanese Koi and cultured eel.

Hog farming in South Cotabato is one of the biggest livelihood programs there. Here are some of the hog farms located in South Cotabato: Progressive Farms Inc (Tupi), Q pigs Livestock Corporation (Tupi), and Biotech Farms Inc. (Banga) among others.

8. Leyte

Despite being bombarded by Typhoon Yolanda more than four years ago, piggeries and hog farms in the province are on the verge of total recovery. Hog farming is one of the biggest sources of income of Warays in Leyte and even in Samar.

The following are some of the biggest hog farms in Leyte: RAQ farm (Carigara), Bontoc Multi-Purpose Coop (Bontoc), Luwil Pig Farm (Matagob), and Hayahay Farm (Bontoc) among others.

9. Rizal

Despite its proximity to Metro Manila, the highly-industrialized Rizal is still one of the country’s top pork producers. Some hog farms in Rizal includes Coral Agri Venture Farm Inc (Teresa, Morong),  Foremost Farms Inc (Baras, Teresa), Ivory Cups farm (Antipolo), John and John Farms Inc (Binangonan), Jollipig farm Inc (Binangonan), R Jorgensons Swine Multiplier Corp. (San Mateo), and Universal Robina Corp. (Antipolo).

10. Bohol

Last but not the least, Bohol produces more pork than other bigger provinces. Bohol is a highly agricultural province that focuses on livestock and also in tourism. Bohol is among the top 5 local tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Hog farms in Bohol include Sagbayan farm Project (Sagbayan) and Marcela Farms (Cortes).

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