Hidilyn Diaz Olympic Gold: Who makes more money?

YouTube Pinoybaiters and reactionists are expected to make tons of money by making garbage videos about the first-ever Pinoy Olympic Gold Medalist.

The winning of the first-ever Olympic gold medal by Hidilyn Diaz is the greatest thing that happened to the Philippines not only during the Coronavirus pandemic but in the last 97 years. 

The 30-year-old Zamboanga native cleared 127kg in her last attempt at clean and jerk for a total of 224kg, barely edging out world record holder Liao Qiuyun (223kg total) of China in an incredibly breathtaking clash that ended in a landmark win for the country.

As emotional as everyone else, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are lit with praises and “Proud to be Pinoy” nonsense, but do you know that Diaz’s “winning of a lifetime” will make opportunists lots of money?

hidilyn diaz
Hidilyn Diaz reacts after completing the final lift during the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Hidilyn Diaz prize and other earnings

Diaz deserves every penny out of her performance. According to the PSC’s incentive system (RA 10699), Olympic gold is worth P10 million and Diaz is the first Filipino athlete to pocket that amount from the country’s government sports agency. Additionally, she is set to receive an additional P30 million from private sectors especially Manny Pangilinan and Ramon Ang, who are giving P10 million each, and Deputy Speaker of the House Mikee Romero’s P3 million. She will probably attract product endorsements if she wishes to and increases her new personal net worth to more than P50 million – something she deserves.

Opportunists making money

It is no secret that both local and foreign talentless YouTubers are making the “Philippines”, “Filipino”, “Pinoy” terms cash cows for more than five years now and Hidilyn’s winning is a great chance for these opportunists to flood YouTube once again with garbage videos. 

This once-in-a-lifetime winning has all the recipes for Pinoybaiters and reactionists to flood social media with rehashed content.

Just search YouTube for “Hidilyn Diaz reaction”, and you will see dozens of garbage videos already in less than 24 hours after she was declared the winner. The trend would likely last for a year or two when more reactionists discover this once-in 97 years achievement. Heck, the so-called  “reactionists” even making reaction videos about Jollibee commercials that were originally aired more than ten years ago.

Although there is nothing illegal in making these reaction videos, the bad thing is, Filipinos’ gullibility and dumbness will be on full display once again as there is nothing good either in watching these garbage videos, especially when the purpose of these “fake creators” is just to feed dumb people so they can make money.

The “Proud to be a Filipino” nonsense

The “proud to be a Filipino” thing is a very common and most used phrase by Filipinos when someone makes something good for this country like when some Filipino (or half, or even ¼ blooded Filipino) wins in a competition. Although there is nothing wrong with this quote, it becomes irritating when someone who knows nothing about the history (especially the struggle of Hidilyn Diaz), makes this comment. Few people knew that Diaz had to beg through Instagram for private sponsors because she couldn’t get financial support from the government – and no one said “Proud Pinoy” during that time.

When Diaz struggled for support, no one is saying “Proud Pinoy”, but when she won, everyone wants to feel good and take part in the “emotionally good” credit. 

Diaz’s financial situation was so untenable in June 2019 that she took to social media to appeal for private sponsorship. “I’m having a hard time,” she wrote in Filipino on Instagram. “I’m embarrassed to ask, but I’ll be shameless for my dream for our country to take home the gold medal in the Olympics.”

She received 2 million pesos ($39,900) from the Philippine Sports Commission shortly after the Instagram post. The Philippines is fielding only 19 athletes, including Diaz and golfer Yuka Saso, the reigning U.S. Women’s Open champion.

A private foundation donated another 1.5 million pesos to Diaz’s fourth Olympic effort last summer, enabling her to move her training base from Kuala Lumpur to an isolated area of Melaka when COVID-19 infections climbed in the Malaysian capital. The rest barely covered weightlifting equipment rentals, two coaches, a nutritionist, and a psychologist.

This “Proud Pinoy” nonsense has to stop. Instead of saying “I’m proud to be a Filipino”, how about saying “I’m proud of Hidilyn Diaz”? Makes more sense, right?

Hidilyn will have her life changed forever for sure and will be a Filipino hero but Pinoybaiting by these opportunists YouTube reactionists has to stop – and you could help by giving a “thumbs down” for each of these garbage videos you may encounter on YouTube. But if you want foreigners to make more money through Filipinos’ continued gullibility, then continue to be dumb. It’s your choice anyway!

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