Nesthy Petecio Lost Gold in a Rigged Bout Against Sena Irie

Filipina Boxer Nesthy Petecio did everything she could but still lost the gold medal – thanks to the judges who favored the host country boxer Sena Irie.

The opening round was hard to decide as both fighters connecting at almost the same rate with Irie continuously hugging Petecio. The judges gave the opening round to the Japanese boxer.

The second round was a fast-paced round seeing Petecio connecting at will. The Japanese looked gassed. Although the judges gave the round to the Filipina hero, one of the five judges, Argentina still gave the second round to Irie.

The 3rd and final round was the best round I think for Petecio. She was all over Irie while the latter continues to hug. The sad part is when all five judges gave it to the Japanese who were almost inactive during the final round.

For sure the social media will be chaotic after the fight as many Filipino are disappointed.

This decision was reminiscent of Onyok Velasco’s 1996 Olympic stint when he lost to Bulgarian Daniel Petrov in a controversial decision during the final match.

Petecio got a silver medal but she will always be a gold medalist to Filipinos.

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