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Online Sabong or E-Sabong is dead and although there are still some illegal operators, the government is working hard to crack them down. Former President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to legalize it was to make more profit for the government but the result was a disaster. It destroyed a lot of families and even made dozens of people disappear and thought to be dead.

Not to be misunderstood though as actual Sabong starts operating again. Sabong is totally different from E-Sabong.

Although many people were addicted to E-Sabong, actual Sabong is different because you have to go to the cockpit in order to wager, or even enjoy just watching the games.

But what if you want to play something different to E-Sabong and make some money?

Yes, there are many alternatives for people who love gambling as a hobby or for pleasure.

This is where the worldwide amusement company 1XBET is gaining popularity among many Filipinos who want to play online. Games like sports betting, casino, bingo, card games, and many more are becoming popular.

1XBET app is one of the most popular apps downloaded daily due to its flexibility and like e-sabong, you can play whenever you want as long as you have Internet data. The best thing about 1XBET is that you don’t need GCash or a third-party agent to deal with.

If you love placing bets on horse racing, car racing, playing bingo, casino, and even card games, you can do so anytime. There are more than 100 games to choose from depending on your preferences.

Joey, a career Sabongero from Batangas, struck a jackpot and won P32,00 after placing a P215 bet on his favorite football team. This was followed by P21,450 through horse racing just a couple of days after joining the platform.

How to join and play.

Just visit the 1XBET website by clicking here, register, and you are good to go!

Good Luck!

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