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How to Start a Motorcycle Rental Business:  Case Study

How to Start a Motorcycle Rental Business: Case Study

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Personal transport is something that most of us need but what if we can’t afford to buy our own wheels? Yes, we can see motorcycles everywhere but still, not everyone can afford especially during this time of the pandemic. When I returned home to Negros Occidental last 2017, I had two options, either to start a car repair business or a motorcycle rental business. I had plans for both but unfortunately, nothing was started because of the sudden change of plan that brought me back here in Batangas. A year later, I pursued the motorcycle business even though I am not managing it personally and so far it is going better and better, and for more than two years now, The business that started with 3 motorcycles is now a fleet of 15. I am going to give you the outlook below and how can you s...