Galaxy Cable Corporation Review – Don’t subscribe if you don’t want to get depressed!

If you are not living around Tanauan City and Sto. Tomas, Batangas area, chances are, you never heard about the Galaxy Cable Corporation – a local company offering cable TV and Internet subscription which is only available around the specified areas.

In March 2018, a month after I returned from Bacolod to Tanauan, I didn’t have an Internet installed here at home. I was in one year out of the province vacation so I had to discontinue my then-problematic Globe LTE. Galaxy agents came and offered a cabled Internet connection and I immediately became a customer.

From March 2018 to August 2019, I had a fair connection of around 5Mbps – enough for my work-at-home writing job. Around September 2019, they replaced my line from coaxial to fiber optics. My connection went from 5Mbps to 20Mbps. I was very happy. 

The happy days did not last long though when starting November 2019, I started experiencing several connection issues especially when they expanded their service beyond my Barangay. The connection became unstable but manageable. What is extremely frustrating is when the connection goes off during Friday nights or weekends – you have to wait for Monday to get it fixed.

I can deal with the problematic connection but contacting their non-existing telephone support is a real pain in the ass. Not only that the company doesn’t have a proper queuing system, but there is also literally no one who is answering the phone. The following is a sample call to their support without any luck after several tries.

Not only that no one is responding, but the voice system is also disappearing to the point that you can’t hear it anymore before the voice return and tells you “sorry”!

The problem is, you need to keep dialing in order to stay online because there is no queuing system. It’s a first come first serve basis wish that is totally frustrating and disappointing. I can’t imagine how dumb and ignorant the profiteer owner is of not testing their system before using it.

One time I gave up after spending almost 4 hours trying to contact the support. I didn’t have a connection and there was no upload data.  Since I already wasted half of my day, I decided to go to their office in Sto. Tomas. There, they let me sat inside of the office and talk to the support who is in another room. He told me that I should have called from home while in front of my computer so we can troubleshoot. I told him how come I call you while in front of my computer when your support doesn’t even exist? That’s why I’m here, I told him!

Since we couldn’t do anything while away from my PC, I strongly insisted that they should send a technician. I was extremely frustrated by the way how this company handles its support system.

To be fair, the speed is faster than Globe and Smart based on my experience but when problems occur in the middle of the night, or worse, during the weekend, you will be left living in misery because there is no one to help you. In fact, even during weekdays, no one is helping you unless you knock on their office door

I don’t know what is the philosophy of this shitty company is. I guess is all about making money out of other people’s misery!

They have time to block people from commenting on their Facebook posts but they don’t have time to respond to support queries. Yes, that’s right. After my neighbor berated them on Facebook, they block him without addressing their concern. What a shame.

So, if you are planning to buy a new Internet subscription, stay away from Galaxy cable Corporation. This company knows nothing about customer service.

Update during typhoon Jolina

BATELEC lost power at around 8:30 AM on September 8. As usual, Galaxy lost Internet connection at around 1:30 PM when their hub in Barangay 3 lost power at around 1:30 PM.  BATELEC restored the power before 6:00 PMbut Galaxy didn’t and promised to restore the Internet at 7:00 PM, then extended it to 8:00 PM, and then I go to be. Look at the latest comment on the screenshot below.

This was posted 12 hours ago and 11 hours later, someone is still complaining of not having a connection. I am using Smart through my mobile phone USB tethering while writing this because my WiFi is still not working at 6:15 AM!!

This company is operating with a lazy and irresponsible CEO/owner!


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