Top 10 Biggest Passenger and RoRo Shipping Companies in the Philippines

The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands and marine transportation is the most important way to transport inter-island cargo and passengers.

With more than 80 operating ports, the Philippines is among the countries with the most daily passenger ship movements.

Here, let’s take a look at the ten biggest passenger shipping companies by fleet size, passenger movements, and routes.

1. Montenegro Lines

Montenegro Lines may not have the biggest market capitalization among others on this list but the company arguably has the biggest fleet and passengers hauled every day.

With 53 RoRo ships operating in 23 routes, the Batangas City-based Montenegro Lines hauls more than 25,000 passengers and at least 1,800 vehicles every day.

2. Lite Shipping Corporation

Lite Shipping Corporation, is a Cebu City-based shipping line, that operates the Lite Ferries, a brand consisting of a fleet of more than 20 ships. The corporation has its origins in Bohol and is the flagship company of Lite Holdings, Inc. At present, the corporation also owns and manages Danilo Lines, Inc. and Sunline Shipping Corporation.

As of June 2017, Lite Ferries have 23 ferries that are ROPAXes (RoRo Passenger) and is operating in 19 routes mainly from and to Cebu.

3. Aleson Shipping Lines

Aleson Shipping Lines is the largest passenger shipping company operating in Western Mindanao as of 2018. With 20 passengers and RoRo ships, the company is operating on eight different routes including Manila to Zamboanga.

4. 2Go Travel

2Go Travel is a result of the merging of the biggest passenger shipping companies in the Philippines – the Negros Navigation, WG&A (Superferry), and Supercat. Although it has the biggest market capitalization, 2Go is not the biggest in terms of fleet and passenger movements. 2GO has one of the most modern fleets and is operating all over the Philippines in most major ports. As of 2018,  the company has 18 active passenger ships including fast crafts (Supercat).

5. Ocean Fast Ferries

Ocean Fast Ferries is the operator of the famous Ocean Jet – the main competitor of Fastcat before it was acquired by 2GO travel.  Ocean Fast Ferries operates 18 monohull fast crafts in most tourist island destinations in the country.

6. Starlite Ferries Inc.

Starlite Ferries is a shipping company based in Batangas City, Philippines that offers an inter-island RORO ferry service between Batangas City and Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, as well as Roxas, Oriental Mindoro and Caticlan Jetty Port in Malay, Aklan. It was founded in 1995 by former Philippine Ports Authority general manager Alfonso Cusi – the Energy Secretary under the Duterte administration.

Starlite operates 12 RoRo vessels including four brand new ships ordered from Japan last 2015. It is one of the main competitors of Montenegro Lines in the Batangas-Calapan and Roxas-Caticlan routes. It also recently opened a route from Batangas to Bacolod and vice versa.

7. Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation

Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC) is a ferry company based in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines. It serves passenger and cargo routes serving select seaports in the Philippines with its fleet of catamaran Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ferries. It also operates ports and terminals.

APFC operates a fleet of catamaran-type Ro-Ro vessels named FastCat. These vessels were designed by Australia-based Sea Transport Solutions and built by China-based Boni Fair Development.  The FastCat vessels are considered the most modern and durable vessels that can withstand extreme weather conditions due to their hull design. It currently operates 10 vessels, 2 for every five routes.

8. Asian Marine Transport Corporation / Super Shuttle Roro

The Asian Maritime Transport Corporation is the operator of eight big Super Shuttle RoRo vessels traveling around the Philippines on a scheduled basis. The Super Shuttle RoRo vessels are considered the biggest RoRo vessels operating inside the Philippine waters. The company has also occasional international trips.

9. Cokaliong Shipping Lines

Cokaliong Shipping Lines, or Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. (CSLI), is a shipping line based in Cebu City, Philippines. It operates both passenger and cargo ferries on eight routes between islands in the Visayas and Mindanao regions and is one of the youngest shipping companies in the Philippines. As of 2018, the company operates 10 RoRo vessels.

10. Roble Shipping Inc.

Roble Shipping Inc. is a Cebu-based shipping line located in Cebu City, Philippines. The company was founded by Jose Roble, a native of Danao City, Cebu. Established on February 20, 1985, it started with a small cargo vessel called MV Marao plying from Cebu to Iloilo containing rice and mixed cargo materials. Roble Shipping Inc. is now one of the major players in the Leyte and Samar routes. The shipping line has 8 passenger vessels of which five are roll-on/roll-off vessels, ten cargo vessels, and four barges and tugboats.

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